Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Silver Peak Accelerates Virtual WAN Optimization

Virtual doesn't mean slow.

Cisco Launches New Machine to Machine Router

As the Internet of Things takes shape, Cisco positions itself with new ISR router for machines.

Cisco Buys AXIOSS for Service Fulfillment Software

Just because Cisco is laying off staff doesn't mean it's still not expanding its' business.

Cisco's Plan for 2012: Simplify the Business

Cisco reports fourth quarter earnings as company streamlines products and operations.

Akamai and Amazon Hit by Outages

Both Amazon and Akamai let customers down yesterday, though the impact varied.

Black Hat Challenges Network Neutrality with N00ter

Do you know if you're being throttled by your ISP? Dan Kaminsky wants to help.

Is there Security Risk in Financial Trading Networks?

Researcher at Black Hat warns that security might be at risk when nano-seconds count.

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