Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Juniper Aims to Simply Connect Networks

New series of EX-switches, Wireless LAN controllers and Mobile Security Suite set to debut.

OpenStack Project Quantum Delivers Open Source Cloud Networking

Quantum opens up the door to a new level of OpenStack cloud networking.

Ethernet Switch Market Slides

Global enterprise switch market hit by a year-over-year revenue decline as WLAN revenues grow.

Alcatel-Lucent Accelerates Broadband over Copper

Copper isn't dead,  thanks to a new innovation that can now deliver 100 Mbps of bandwidth.

Cisco: Internet more Important than Cars

If you had to choose, would you choose to rather have a car or the Internet?

Cisco Building Virtual Switch for Microsoft Hyper-V

Cisco is building virtual switch technology for Microsoft's upcoming Hyper-V release.

Wild Packets Navigates Networks with New Compass

Public beta of desktop software for visualizing network traffic analysis debuts

Cisco CEO: We Were Fat

John Chambers candidly explains what went wrong and how he has restructured his company for the road ahead, by painting a target on his rivals.

Juniper Accelerates Edge Routers

MX-3D router gets boosted to 3.8 Terabits per second of capacity with even more yet to come.

Domain Names Continue Grow in 2011

Latest Domain Name Industry report shows 8.6 percent year over year growth

VXLAN Standard Extends the LAN

Proposed IETF standard bring the LAN to the cloud, but not everyone thinks that yet another standard is really necessary.

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