Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

IBM Debuts Next Gen IPS

Next Gen Firewall or Next Gen IPS? Big Blue aims to provide better security, through more robust intelligence and threat detection

Cisco Closes NDS Buy

Acquisition pushes Cisco deeper into the video market

Oracle Acquires Xsigo for Software Defined Networking

SDN space continues to heat up as Oracle follows VMware's lead in acquiring a major vendor.

Cisco Lays Off 1,300

Networking vendor reduces its workforce by two percent

VMware Acquires Software Defined Networking Vendor Nicira for $1.2 Billion

Virtualization giant extends its Software Defined Data Center Vision with new acquisition.

Mellanox Accelerates Networking With Rapid Revenue Growth

Yes it's true, there is money to be made with InfiniBand.

Polycom Enables UC Developers with New APIs

New developer program and API efforts open up Polycom's communications platforms.

Internet Domains Top 233 Million

With new top level domains waiting in the wings, existing domains continue to grow.

Xirrus Takes Aim at WLAN Performance with New CEO

Can you get wired performance from your wireless network?

VMware Improves Collaboration with Zimbra 8

Yahoo didn't succeed with Zimbra, but VMware is doing its best to invest and push the open source based collaboration platform forward.

Open Source Floodlight Extends Software Defined Networking to OpenStack

SDN and OpenFlow head to the cloud in Floodlight 0.85 release.

OpenDNS Delivers Network DNS Insight

DNS isn't just about getting to where you want to go, it's also a new tool in the fight to secure enterprise networks

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