Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Cisco's Catalyst for Networking Success [VIDEO]

In an exclusive video interview, Rob Soderberry, Cisco SVP and GM Enterprise Networking at Cisco talks about  SDN, open source and the Catalyst 6500 switching platform.

Broadcom GM Defines Networking's Silicon Future [VIDEO]

In an exclusive video interview, Broadcom's networking general manager details what's in store for the vendor and why innovation in silicon is key.

IPv6 and Mobile Network Traffic Growing in the Zettabyte Era

Latest Cisco network traffic forecast predicts 1.4 zettabytes of traffic by 2017.

F5 CTO: ADC is more than a Load Balancer [VIDEO]

In an exclusive interview, Karl Triebes details where F5's technology is now and where it's headed in the future.

What is the Future of Wi-Fi? [VIDEO]

The CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance talks about Passpoint, 802.11ac, 802.11ad (WiGIG), and cognitive radio cellular/Wi-Fi convergence .

Cisco Reduces Support Costs with BYOD

For Cisco, supporting 66,000 BYOD employees turns into a cost savings exercise thanks to social support.

F5 Unifies Traffic Acceleration Technology

Networking vendor debuts BIG-IP Application Acceleration Manager for both web content and WAN optimization

Metcalfe's Law: How Ethernet Beat IBM and Changed the World

On the 40th anniversary of Ethernet, Bob Metcalfe explains how his open standard was born and why he was terrified of IBM for 10 years.

Aruba Rolls Out Sticky Solution for 802.11ac WLANs

With new product rollouts, Aruba takes a purpose-built approach to high-speed 802.11ac Access Points.

Juniper's Bob Muglia on Software Inside a Networking Vendor [VIDEO]

Software Defined Networking takes hold at Juniper, thanks in part to the use of Linux.

Brocade CEO Focuses on Growth Areas for 2013

Brocade CEO reveals IP growth, SAN slowdown, and future plans during the vendor's Q2 FY2013 earnings call.

Aruba Brings GPS Indoors for WiFi Context

Aruba's third quarter revenues rise; vendor announces acquisition of Meridian Apps for application and location awareness capabilities.

Cisco Optimistic About SDN as Revenues Grow

Cisco switching revenues impacted by 2 percent decline in the third quarter of FY 2013, though CEO John Chambers sees opportunity in SDN.

VIDEO: ONF Chief on the Future of OpenFlow SDN

Dan Pitt of the Open Networking Foundation rebukes OpenFlow SDN critics, plays nice with OpenDaylight, and details future plans.

Cisco Cloud CTO Updates OpenStack Progress [VIDEO]

Lew Tucker details Cisco's progress in the cloud and explains why VLANs are still important.

Interop Video Exclusive: Don't Bet Against Ethernet

Ethernet luminary John D'Ambrosia plugs Ethernet (literally).

IDC Puts a Number on the Networking Market

IDC analysts discuss their findings and forecasts for SDN and enterprise networking market growth.

Interop Panel Tackles SDN

In a roundtable keynote discussion, VMware, Broadcom, and Microsoft heavyweights discuss SDN, network awareness, and the future of the network admin in an SDN world.

Facebook's Open Compute Launches Networking Project

Facebook's Open Compute takes aim at proprietary networking hardware vendors in a bold move that could shake up the whole market.

What's Realer, SDN or the Loch Ness Monster?

Cisco global study reveals real IT pros' attitudes towards SDN and the Internet of Things.

Exclusive: Inside Interop's BYOD WiFi Network [VIDEO]

How many access points does it take to provide WiFi for One million square feet of space and over 10,000 attendees?

Huawei Expands Enterprise Networking in the U.S.

Huawei execs talk to ENP about the Chinese networking vendor's new switches and networking capabilities for the U.S. enterprise market.

Broadcom Secures WiFi with New Silicon

Broadcom debuts new embedded ARM processors with Linux for secure WiFi at full-line rate speeds.

Alcatel-Lucent Announces Copper Connectivity and SPB Interoperability

Alcatel-Lucent debuts new OmniSwitches and plans to demonstrate Shortest Path Bridging interoperability.

Juniper Builds SDN Controller with XMPP

OpenFlow support still on the roadmap as overlay approach lands in first iteration of Juniper's SDN controller.

Interop 2013: SDN Gets Real

Interop 2013 takes SDN from concept to reality as the biggest names in networking show off their wares.

HP Advances to OpenFlow 1.3 SDN with FlexFabric

HP debuts new SDN-enabled core switching platform.

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