Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Why Open Source Matters to Cisco Security

SourceFire founder Martin Roesch discusses the advantages of open source and how Cisco's OpenAppID can secure applications and networks.

Juniper Launches Fusion for Service Provider SDN

New management software and a new controller debut as Juniper accelerates its efforts to bring service providers into the Software Defined Networking Era.

Cisco Evolves Services Platform for Service Provider SDN

Cisco expands virtualized network services for service providers.

Alcatel-Lucent Embraces OpenStack as SDN and NFV Efforts Expand

Red Hat's OpenStack platform underpins Alcatel-Lucent's CloudBand solution.

Brocade: SDN is a Land Grab

With Brocade income on the rise, execs talk SDN strategy, have a few choice words about Cisco.

Cisco Fumbles $655 Million on Faulty Gear

Outlook for growth dims at the networking giant, but there are some bright spots.

Citrix Extends CloudBridge

The top-end 2000WS-050 appliance has an optimized WAN capacity of 50 Mbps and can handle a total of 20,000 TCP sessions.

Riverbed Expands WAN Optimization Portfolio with Steelhead DX 8000

Rumors of Steelhead's demise were indeed exaggerated. New DX series joins Riverbed's CX and EX series.

Palo Alto Debuts 120 Gbps Network Firewall

Palo Alto Networks promises up to 120 Gbps on the PA-7050, but how does that change under real-world conditions?

Juniper vs. Palo Alto Networks Legal Battle Continues

Both sides are claiming victory in a summary judgement handed down this week, but a full decision isn't coming until the case goes to trial.

What's Next for OpenDaylight SDN? Helium.

OpenDaylight technical committee talks about what's likely to be included in the second major release of the OpenDaylight open source SDN platform.

OpenDaylight Summit: SDN Needs Open Source and Open Standards

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, explains why OpenDaylight, like Linux, will succeed.

OpenDaylight Hydrogen SDN Platform Arrives

Open source effort yields the core elements of a new Software Defined Networking platform.

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