Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Global Peak Internet Connection Rates Up in 1Q14

Internet speeds around the world continue to march ahead, paving the way for a new generation of high-bandwidth applications like UHD video.

Juniper Updates Firewall Security Features

AppID technology lands in Juniper's firewalls, but don't confuse it with the Cisco technology that has a similiar name. 

HP Updates 5400 Switch Portfolio for Resiliency, SDN

New 5400R switches aim to deliver increased resiliency for enterprise networking needs and support for HP's SDN initiatives.

Riverbed Continues Optimization Push, This Time for UC

Riverbed continues OPNET APM rebranding with SteelCentral UCExpert 5.0 for Unified Communications (UC).

Enterprise Video Conferencing Market Shows Mixed Growth

The telepresence segment of the market is in decline as software rises.

Extreme Networks CEO Plots Plan for Growth [VIDEO]

Charles Berger explains how Enterasys, SDN and the cloud will help his company to grow.

Riverbed Improves Application Performance Management

Former OPNET Application Performance Management (APM) technology gets rebranded and expanded under Riverbed's leadership.

Cisco Acquires Tail-f for $175 Million

Cisco picks up network orchestration technology vendor to aid with Internet of Things and NFV.

Why SDN is Unnecessary for Enterprise Cloud [VIDEO]

Do enterprise private clouds need SDN? No, say top execs at OpenStack vendor Nebula.

AllSeen Internet of Things Alliance Expands

Linux Foundation open source Internet of Things collaboration effort now boasts 50 members.

UHD TV to Drive Networking Bandwidth in Zettabyte Era

Wi-Fi and Ultra High-Definition TV set to impact service provider networks over the next five years.

HP Expands SDN Hardware and Cloud Efforts

HP announces new FlexFabric 7900 switches and Virtual Cloud Networking software for SDN and the SDN-enabled cloud.

Juniper and Aruba Networks Partner for WLAN

What does the new partnership with Aruba mean for Juniper's Trapeze WLAN business?

OpenDaylight SDN Grows to 39 Members with Oracle

Oracle and others swell the ranks of the open-source OpenDaylight SDN collaboration project.

WLAN Market Growing on 802.11ac Transition

IDC releases first quarter 2014 Worldwide Quarterly WLAN tracker, showing continued growth thanks in part to 802.11ac.

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