Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

OPNFV Collaboration Project Launched

Linux Foundation OPNFV effort brings together the largest hardware, software and carriers in the world to build an open platform for Network Functions Virtualization.

OpenDaylight Helium Bootstraps SDN Security

OpenDaylight Helium, the second major release of the open source SDN platform, shows maturity, stability, and security.

Broadcom Tomahawk Silicon Set to Advance 25 GbE Networking

New chip includes over 7 billion transistors and can enable up to 3.2 terabits per second of throughput, advancing 25 GbE for 100 GbE.

Brocade Launches Commercial Vyatta OpenDaylight SDN Controller

Vyatta controller is built from the open-source OpenDaylight project in a bid to enable an open networking fabric.

Cisco Acquires Metacloud for OpenStack as a Service Tech

Cisco gets deeper into the OpenStack ecosystem with announcement of planned Metacloud acquisition.

Cisco Adds Firepower to ASA Firewall

But what does that mean for Cisco's existing IPS on ASA technology?

Brocade Acquires Vistapointe for More Network Visibility

Vistapointe acquisition adds new SDN and NFV technologies to Brocade's portfolio.

Palo Alto Powers Through 2014 without Juniper Impact

Network security vendor claims it is growing due to competitive displacements of incumbent technologies.

Juniper Brings Increased Security Intelligence to SRX Gateway

Security threats can come from many vectors, and so too can security information. Juniper's Secure Spotlight brings more intelligence to SRX gateways.

2Q14 Worldwide Enterprise Router Revenue Reported at $867 Million

Global networking switch and router markets show mixed Q2 2014 results, while NFV shows promise.

More IPv4 Addresses Reclaimed

Years after IANA officially declared the free pool of IPv4 address space as being exhausted, a new pool has been released from reclaimed addresses.

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