Articles by Ed Sutherland 

Clearwire Clouds VoIP Picture

Broadband wireless startup, Clearwater, recently formed a $100 million partnership with Bell Canada to sell VoIP services to its customers. Now some of those customers are complaining that Clearwater is blocking their third-party VoIP service.

Enterprise VoIP Adoption? Gradual but Rapid, Say Experts

The one thing we can say with certainty about enterprise adoption of VoIP is that there is no consensus. Many take a cautious, toe-in-the-water approach, yet pressures for migration are increasing.

Japan's VoIP Boom´┐Żand Lessons for U.S.

Telecom-savvy Japan is miles ahead of North America in VoIP adoption. What accounts for this gap? Analysts take an in-depth look at the key factors.

VoIP Security Experts Express Concern

No progress seems to come without its price: While VoIP is on track to reach 50 percent enterprise penetration in the next two years, that very success may prove the technology's Achilles heel, as adoption outstrips any established security provisions.

With VoIP Popularity Comes Threat of Spam

The good news is that voice over IP is gaining a solid foothold in both the enterprise and consumer sectors. The bad news is that security gurus are already beginning to worry big time about potential disruptions from unsolicited commercial voicemails.

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