Articles by Jeff Goldman 

Cistera: Managing VoIP in the Classroom

Cistera's solution helps administrators maximize control of "presence" across large organizations.

PeerMe Releases Click-to-Talk API

PeerMe's new API lets people add click-to-talk voice functionality to Web sites, and its mobile VoIP solution promises something even better: "free" calls on cell phones.

VoIP on the Move: WebMessenger Mobile for Skype

New offering provides mobile access to a user's PC-based Skype account via their cell phone.

Interlink Invests in Ecuador

The power of wireless VoIP will bring affordable telephone service to 1.1 million in the coastal province of Manabi.

Eyeballing Microsoft's Unified Communications Plans

Analysts weigh in on Microsoft's recently announced plans to integrate the full gamut of communications technologies into its desktop presence.

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