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Jude Chao

Managing Editor, Enterprise Networking Planet

Jude Chao is Managing Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet (ENP). Prior to joining ENP, she covered social marketing, educational technology, and enterprise networking news for UBM TechWeb B2B properties and contributed regular columns to Avaya Innovations Magazine. In her spare time, Jude is working on a four-year-old and raising a novel.

Articles by Jude Chao 

PLUMgrid Plans to Take Over the World

SDN startup's CTO talks SDN, OpenDaylight, the commoditization mistake, and avoiding the managed services trap.

Notes from VMworld: Securing the Virtualized Enterprise

Nowhere is security more of a moving target than in virtualized and software defined environments. Vendors at VMworld look to address that.

Fortinet Hopes to Become "Stewards of the Security Industry"

Unified Threat Management (UTM) market leader aims to dominate next-gen virtualized network security market.

Notes from VMworld: Easing the Pains of Virtualization

Vendors at VMworld demonstrate solutions for automation, orchestration, and visibility for virtualized networks.

Taking on Rackspace and AWS, One Droplet at a Time

Cloud hosting startup DigitalOcean raises $3.2M, plans to challenge hosting giants with "message of love."

From Virtualization to Private Cloud: 6 Things You Need to Know

Private clouds involve more than just virtualization. Here are six things you need to know.

Securing Your Enterprise in the Cloud

As third-party cloud services gain popularity, enterprises must rethink their security strategies. Neohapsis security expert discusses questions to ask when crafting a cloud security policy.

Enterprise Networking Week in Review: Networking Career Crossroads, Cloud on the Horizon, NAC Market News, and Open Networking in SDN

August 12 – 16: Brocade and Cisco earnings calls and job cuts, networking career tips, cloud and NAC news and advice, and a discussion of proprietary and open source platforms for SDN.

Automation and the Future of Networking: Is SkyNet Gunning for Your Job?

Automation could change the networking job landscape. Get ahead of the curve now to ensure your career prospects later.

NAC to Transform into EVAS to Address BYOD Challenges

NAC market growth spawns new Endpoint Visibility, Access and Security (EVAS) category. How can EVAS solutions enhance security?

Enterprise Networking Week in Review: SDN, Network Performance, SLAs, Video in the Workplace, and the APOLAN

August 5 – August 9, 2013: SDN use and development, new resources for network troubleshooting and improvement, SLA tips, and more.

Passive Optical LAN Has a New Champion

The recently formed Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN) intends to push for greater glass adoption within the enterprise.

VeriFlow Aims to Verify Application-Defined Networks in Real Time

UIUC SDN researchers develop method to verify network correctness, security, and fault tolerance in real time.

BYOD Invites Mobile Mayhem

eWeek infographic reveals alarming facts about enterprise BYOD adoption.

Net Optics Leverages SDN for Better Network Security

Network and application visibility and monitoring solutions vendor promises seamless security and swift defense through software defined networking.

Plexxi Details OpenDaylight SDN Contribution

SDN startup to deliver policy infrastructure for more seamless orchestration of software defined networks.

Numecent's "Native as a Service" Delivers Native Apps from the Cloud

2013 Gartner Cool Vendor enables cloud delivery of native applications, reducing network usage and more.

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