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Jude Chao

Managing Editor, Enterprise Networking Planet

Jude Chao is Managing Editor of Enterprise Networking Planet (ENP). Prior to joining ENP, she covered social marketing, educational technology, and enterprise networking news for UBM TechWeb B2B properties and contributed regular columns to Avaya Innovations Magazine. In her spare time, Jude is working on a four-year-old and raising a novel.

Articles by Jude Chao 

SUNY Geneseo College Talks Affordable NetFlow Analysis

Higher education is a hotbed of BYOD activity, making detailed traffic monitoring critical. Enterprises should take note.

Beef Up Security with Automation

The challenges of BYOD, mobility, cloud, and virtualization are making automation necessary for security.

OFC 2014: Ethernet Alliance Demonstrates Interoperability

At the Optical Fiber Communication conference, the Ethernet Alliance demonstrated the interoperability of the ecosystem.

OFC 2014: SDN in the Optical Space

Some in the optical world set their sights on software defined networking.

ONS 2014 in Review

All looks rosy inside the SDN bubble as leaders and upstarts in the networking industry come together to push software defined networking and what it can do.

ONS 2014: 6 SDN Solutions to Watch

Vendors gathered on the Open Networking Summit expo floor to showcase software defined networking solutions. Here are six that caught our eye.

ONS 2014: Microsoft Walks the SDDC Walk

Microsoft data center networking and platform expert talks vendor missteps in the software defined era and points the way toward innovation and success.

ONS 2014: ADARA Provides SDN for SMBs

Networking vendor pushes "profit-based policy generation" and server-on-a-switch SDN and NFV platform.

ONS 2014: Network Virtualization for Performance Optimization

VMware's Martin Casado defines network virtualization and discusses more use cases.

ONS 2014 Keynote: Openness is Everything

Dan Pitt of the Open Networking Foundation makes an announcement, and ONS 2014 keynote speakers make the case for open source SDN.

ONS 2014: What's New with OpenDaylight?

A month after the release of OpenDaylight Hydrogen, the OpenDaylight open source SDN project gives some new details about Helium.

Brocade Embraces OpenFlow 1.3

Vendor announces portfolio-wide OpenFlow 1.3 support, discusses Cisco's "SDN-washing."

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