Articles by Joe Stanganelli 

Mistrial Resolves Nothing in Juniper-Palo Alto Patent War

After judge declares a mistrial in Juniper/Palo Alto Networks patent trial, Joe Stanganelli examines what happened, and what happens next.

What's at Stake in the Juniper vs. Palo Alto Networks Patent Trial

Judge calls patent dispute between Juniper and Palo Alto Networks "a classic battle of the experts."

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (In the Data Center)

A little magic comes to the data center on Christmas Eve.

Data Breaches and NSA Backdoors: A Legal Primer

NSA backdoors make you more vulnerable to data breaches and their legal ramifications. Joe Stanganelli discusses liability in the event of a data breach.

They Want Your Enterprise Brains: Night of the Botnet of Things

The Internet of Things comes with a security downside that can't be ignored.

Protect Against NSA Backdoors in Networking Gear

Has the NSA built a backdoor into your enterprise's networking stack? Learn the dangers and how to protect your enterprise's sensitive data.

Reconnecting the CIO and the CMO

A disconnect exists between IT and other offices within the enterprise. Here are some strategies for CIOs to bridge the gap and strengthen IT's position within organizations.

The Tao of Xen

Donating the Xen hypervisor to the Linux Foundation may help Citrix gain ground in the cloud wars.

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