Articles by Ainsley Jones 

Cray Secures $20 Million Supercomputer Contract with Brazil

Cray announced it has signed a $20 million contract with the Foundation for Space Technology, Applications and Science (FUNCATE), which is responsible for the procurement of high-performance computers in Brazil.

Data Center Equipment Market Rebounding

Market analysts Infonetics Research and TeleGeography released data this week citing the rebounding data center equipment market., VMware Bringing Java to the Cloud and VMware have joined to push a new platform that will support Java-based enterprise applications in the cloud.

Akamai Promotes Sustainability Through the Content Delivery Network

Akamai Technologies unveiled a new sustainability initiative dedicated to helping customers run more carbon-efficient Web infrastructure and improve their energy consumption.

Data Center Supports the Boston Marathon

The enterprise-class data center that tracked and relayed the status of all 26,000 Boston Marathon participants to multiple outlets in real time posted an impressive feat. 

Thinking About the Data Center on Earth Day

Earth Day isn't exactly synonymous with the data center, but energy conservation within the data center has certainly worked its way up the priority list of administrators.

Google Moves Closer to Chrome OS Printing

Google announced a significant step towards computer peripherals compatibility with its Chrome OS.

Volcanic Eruption Could Dash Iceland's Data Center Ambitions

An eruption from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano could ground Iceland's data center ambitions.

i/o Data Centers Launches i/o On-Demand

i/o Data Centers announced the launch of i/o On-Demand, a service that provides access to a virtual enterprise-grade IT environment.

Leveraging Virtualization for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Vitualization can be leveraged to get a downed server back up and running in minutes rather than hours.

Data Center Water Usage: An Emerging Challenge

Data centers use enormous amounts of water to cool server farms and water management will become a more pressing issue as water usage is being pushed to be on par with carbon emissions.

Abandon Chip: Microsoft Phasing Out Itanium Support

Citing the high-end scalability and reliability of new x86 chips from Intel and AMD, Microsoft officials say they will end support for Intel's Itanium.

Data Centers in the Event of an Earthquake

The latest California quake prompts the question of how to protect your data center before the next one hits. 

New Multicores Could Create Licensing Issues

Newfangled multicore chips from AMD and Intel may be too good to be true when it comes to server software licensing programs.

IBM Power7 Servers Achieve Energy Start Status

IBM's new Power7 systems first in class to meet Energy Star requirements.

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