Articles by Kara Reeder 

Thanksgiving Links Could Be Recipe for Disaster

The rogue security product attempts to scare users with fake infection warnings and pesters them into paying money for fake protection.

Fedrated ID Comes to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft's architecture is a more flexible approach to establishing a user's identity.

'Duh' Worm Targets Jailbroken iPhones

Hackers are using the worm to build a botnet that steals data, including online banking credentials.

Looking to Lose Your Identity This Holiday Season? Here Are Five Tips

Opening all attachments and e-mail messages from strangers is a sure-fire way to provide thieves with personal information and financial data.

GAO: U.S. Not Ready to Face Cyber Threats

Experts agree that the most at risk are the nation's power grids, transportation systems, telecommunications, financial institutions and health network.

In-Q-Tel Invests in FireEye

The investment 'will extend FireEye's cyber security product development and stealth malware technical capabilities.'

Two Arrested in UK for Zeus Trojan Scheme

Authorities believe the Trojan was configured to steal victim's online bank account information.

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