Articles by Kara Reeder 

Google Adds New Security Features to Chrome

Two of the five features are particularly notable because they already exist in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8.

Hackers Target Congressional Web Sites

The attacks seemed to mostly target Democrats.

TechCrunch Compromised Twice in 24 Hours

Users were greeted with some choice words about the site's founder.

BlueCross BlueShield Suffers Security Breach

A thief managed to steal 57 BlueCross BlueShield computer hard drives from a closet at Chattanooga, Tenn. call center.

China Behind Attacks on U.S. Oil Companies?

Although the attacks against Marathon Oil, ExxonMobil, and ConocoPhillips occurred in 2008, the companies didn't find out about them until sometime in 2009.

Users Advised to Apply RealPlayer Patch

The update was issued for Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the product.

Vulnerabilities and Patches

The vulnerability lies in the Windows Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) subsystem.

Imperva Offers List of 10 Worst Passwords

"123456" is one of the commonly used passwords discovered in an analysis of the RockYou attack.

Heartland to Employ Encrypted Payment System

Merchants will be able to encrypt cards so they will not house card numbers on their systems at all.

Hacker Use IE Exploit in Drive-By Attacks

Websense says it has seen "limited public use" of the unpatched IE vulnerability in drive-by attacks.

Conficker Still Active and Spreading

Akamai reports Internet attacks jumped to 78 percent for the third quarter.

Green Dam Law Firm Targeted by China's Cyber Attacks

A number of companies are targets of similar attacks that seem to originate from China.

U.S. Concerned About Google Hack

Google feels very strongly that the attack originated in China.

Suspicious Apps Appear in Google's Android Market

09Droid was responsible for "dozens of these applications."

Researcher Posts Proof of Concept Exploit Code for Mac OS X Vulnerability

The vulnerability has to do with a potential buffer overflow error in the use of the "strtod" function.

Adobe Issues Fix for Critical Illustraor Flaw

Vulnerabilities could be used to execute arbitrary code on Windows or Mac OS X systems or to cause a crash.

Cyber Attack Simulation to Test Banks' Readiness

Exercise will begin Feb. 9 and last three days with different attack scenario each day.

Eastern Washington University Suffers Security Breach

So far, there is no evidence the information has been misused.

Symantec Warns of South Africa Cyber Security Risks

South Africa risks creating a "perfect storm" for cyber criminals.

New Year's e-Card Spread Waledac

Once the Waledac Trojan is installed, attackers get full access to a user's machine.

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