Articles by Kara Reeder 

IronKey Releases New Version of Secure Online Banking USB

The drive offers a self-contained secure environment for online financial transactions.

Four Credit Card Numbers Leaked from Blippy.com

The numbers turned up in Google search results.

UK National Health Service Infected with Malware

It does not appear that any patient information was stolen.

White House Updates Cyber Security Policy

The White House has issued a new cyber security policy .

Vigilantes Turn Tables on 419 Scammers

  Scam baiters have turned the tables and started requesting small jobs from the scammers in order to get their money.

Symantec Reports 100 Percent Increase in New Malware

  One new botnet-infected computer is discovered worldwide every 4.6 seconds.

Gonzalez Accomplice Sentenced to Five Years for TJX Hack

Damon Patrick Toey pleaded guilty to charges that he sold batches of stolen credit card data.

Zeus Exploiting Unpatched PDF Flaw

Zeus exploits the "/Launch" design flaw to embed attack code in the document.

Gmail Spam on the Rise

Only 1 percent spam e-mails sent from Gmail addresses are from actual Gmail accounts.

Symantec Details Four-Pronged Security Approach

Symantec says there are four weak points in the enterprise.

Google Researcher Details Java Bug

The bug is due to a design flaw in Java.

Think Tank Ponders Legal Questions, Concepts Concerning Clashes in Cyber Space

The Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence is examining is how to label cyber attacks and whether it's appropriate to call them "cyber warfare" or "cyber conflict."

iPad Hacked in Less Than a Day

  Hackers were able to jailbreak the iPad and gain root access.

Oracle Patches Critical Flaws in Java

The patch addresses 27 different vulnerabilities in both Java SE and Java for business.

Report: Social Networking Attacks Dramatically Increased in 2009

Social networking site attacks increased by 500 percent between 2008 and 2009.

Private E-Mails Exposed Due to Facebook Bug

Facebook says the bug was noticed and corrected within minutes.

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