Articles by Kara Reeder 

Researcher Discovers 'Data Protection Vulnerability' in iPhone

Apple has been notified about the flaw, but has not corrected it.

Symantec Reports Surge in Malicious Attacks

Spam rose 0.3 percent to reach 90 percent in May.

Trend Micro Warns of Two World Cup Scams

Two related scams are trying to capitalize on this summer's World Cup tournament in South Africa.

Symantec to Offer Enhanced Protection for SMBs

Symantec Protection Suite Advanced Business Edition will protect endpoints, provide messaging security, and use content filtering at the mail gateway to prevent data loss.

Facebook Fixes Bug That Deletes Friends

Facebook flaw allows hackers to delete Facebook friends without permission.

Metasploit Issues New Release

Metasploit 3.4 boosts exploit count and adds new Java, brute force and exploit automation technologies.

Judge Permanently Shutters ISP

The company was ordered to turn over $1.08 million in illegal profits to the FTC.

Lifelock CEO Victim of Identity Theft 13 Times, According to Report

Todd Davis claims some of the successful attempts were "not true identity thefts."

McAfee: Malware Levels Out in First Quarter

McAfee warns that companies still need to be wary of USB-based infections.

Encryption Expert Joins ICANN

Whitfield Diffie will serve as vice president of information security and cryptography.

Facebook IDs Hacker Who Stole 1.5 Million Accounts

Facebook won't reveal the actual name of Kirllos.

Report Blames Eastern European Gang for Most Phishing

A single Eastern European gang is responsible for nearly two-thirds of all phishing attempts.

Symantec Introduces Endpoint Protection for SMBs

Hosted Endpoint Protection offers protection for endpoint PCs and file servers through a Web-based management console.

BitDefender: Trojan Disguised as Windows 7 'Compatibility Checker'

Beware of a Trojan horse program disguised as a Windows 7 compatibility checker, says BitDefender. 

Spam Campaign Targets FIFA World Cup

The message carries a .PDF file attachment, which claims to contain details about a "lottery prize."

Verizon, Secret Service Join Forces on Breach Reports

The hope is that Verizon and the Secret Service will be able to uncover both similarities and differences in the way the two organizations discover and fight identity theft.

Facebook Glitch Exposes Private Information

The glitch allowed users to to see friends' chat boxes and friend requests.

LoveBug Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

The virus is seen by many as a milestone in the evolution of malware.

Microsoft Patches Producer Software Security Bug

Microsoft knew of the vulnerability in March, but did not release an update.

Opera Issues Security Update for Apple, Windows

The 10.53 update fixes a vulnerability that Opera classifies as "extremely severe."

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