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UK Police Nab 19 in Zeus Crimeware Bust

Police say the gang managed to steal $9.5 million during a three-month period.

Hotmail to Get Security Boost

The update will include tools to analyze log-in history and account activity, full-site SSL security protection and more security proofs.

Man Sentenced to 10 Years for VoIP Hacking

Edwin Pena is the first person to be charged by U.S. authorities with VoIP hacking.

Man Sentenced to 10 Years for VoIP Hacking

Edwin Pena is the first person to be charged by U.S. authorities with VoIP hacking.

Nearly One-Third of Enterprises Affected by Data Loss, Study Finds

Almost a third of enterprises have been affected by a data loss incident in the past 12 months.

SMBs Get Microsoft Security Essentials at No Cost

Microsoft offers small businesses Security Essentials for free.

McAfee: Nothing Is Ever 'Free'

McAfee warns of the risks associated with searching for free content.

Twitter Fixes Quick-Spreading, Clickless Virus

Twitter says the bug is now "fully patched and is no longer exploitable.”

Anti-Facebook Competitor Faces Security Criticism

Diaspora admits that it knows there are security holes and issues, but that hasn't prevented reviewers from attacking the project.

Verizon Android Smartphones Get Good

Good Technology's security and management software now meets Verizon's network specifications.

Microsoft Boosts Security in IE9

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 integrates its SmartScreen Filter with the new Download Manager feature.

Mozilla Stops Serving Firefox Security Updates

Mozilla has stopped offering Firefox 3.5.12 and 3.6.9 due to a bug that crashed some users' machines.

Burglars Used Facebook Status to Target Homes?

Facebook is denying that there's any connection between the burglaries and its social networking platform.

Hotel Operator Warns 3,400 of Security Breach

The breach occurred between March and April, but there is no indication that the information has been misused.

RBS WorldPay Mastermind Gets Four Years' Probation

Victor Pleshchuk has been sentenced to four years' probation and an $8.9 million fine.

Microsoft: Beware of Malware Faking Virus Alerts

The scareware offers up a nearly perfect-looking version of a browser's malware warning page.

Attackers Steal $1 Million from University of Virginia

The university does not think any student data has been compromised.

Miami Man Faces 15 Years for Identity Theft

Federal agents found more than 26,000 credit card numbers stored on Juan Javier Cardenas's computer.

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