Articles by Kara Reeder 

Websense: Major SQL Injection Attack Infects over 28,000 Websites

The attack, which Websense has dubbed LizaMoon, injects a single line of code into websites that sends the user to a well-known fake security software site at defender-uqko.in.

Researchers Disclose Bugs in McAfee's Website

One bug involves cross-site scripting, while the other two deal with information disclosure.

European Union Institutions Under Attack

There is no information about the scale of the attacks or what is being done to counter it.

Adobe Patches Zero-Day Flash Flaw

Adobe has also issued an update for its Reader and Acrobat platforms to deal with a critical flaw in the authplay.dll component.

Panda: Malware Samples up 26 Percent

Trojans were by far the most popular, making up 70 percent of all malware, followed by viruses and worms.

Survey: Tablet Users Sending More Sensitive Data

Forty-eight percent of tablet users said they send sensitive data on the device, compared to only 30 percent of smartphone users.

New Facebook Phishing Scam Harvests Passwords

The ruse uses a recently announced messaging product that gives Facebook users an opportunity to own an @facebook.com e-mail address as a lure.

Apple Patches Record 62 Bugs in Safari

Six of the vulnerabilities were accompanied by the phrase "arbitrary code execution," which is Apple-speak for "critical."

Apple Ships Critical Java Updates for Mac Vulnerabilities

Some of the bugs could allow hackers to hijack a vulnerable Mac.

Morgan Stanley Victim of Chinese Attacks

Morgan Stanley has confirmed the attack, but says it was limited in scope.

Rogue Android App Runs up Texting Bills

The malware can install other applications, mess with the phone's browser bookmarks and send text messages to premium rate numbers.

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