Articles by Kara Reeder 

FBI: Phishing Funds Flowing to China

Attackers use Zeus, Spybot or other malware to push code onto the victims' computers and harvest banking information, which is then sent to seemingly legitimate Chinese business accounts.

Feds Will Remotely Uninstall Coreflood Botnet

The FBI has identified infected computers. Those infected are the PCs targeted for the remote eradication once written consent is received.

Iran Claims New Malware Targeting Computer Systems

Iran has not offered up any samples of the new worm, making it impossible to verify the claims.

Georgia Man Pleads Guilty to $36.6 Million Worth of ID Theft

Rogelio Hackett Jr. faces up to 12 years in prison, as well as fines of up to twice the losses suffered by victims.

Oak Ridge National Lab Halts Web Access Following Cyber Attack

Apparently, attackers sent phishing emails to some 573 lab employees that were disguised to look like they came from the lab's HR department and claimed there were some benefits-related changes.

Sophos Calls on Facebook to Improve Privacy

Sophos encourages Facebook to "act now," rather than wait for regulators to force its hand on privacy.

Symantec Releases Norton 2012 Public Betas

The beta versions of Symantec's new security software, Norton AntiVirus 2012 and Norton Internet Security 2012, are now available to Web users.

Barracuda Networks Hit by SQL Injection Attack

The hacker, who called himself Fdf, used a SQL injection attack to access the database while the Barracuda Web Application Firewall had been taken offline for maintenance.

Hacker Gonzalez Says He Was Acting on Behalf of Government

Notorious hacker Albert Gonzalez is asking a judge to throw out his guilty plea in one of the largest cases of credit card theft in the U.S.

Study: Energy Firms Exposing Themselves to Stuxnet-like Attack

The report found that there seems to be a disconnect between the attitudes of C-level executives and those involved in day-to-day IT security.

Symantec Warns of New Rogue Android App

The app is a fake copy of the legitimate "Walk and Text" software.

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