Articles by Kara Reeder 

Hackers Break into Another Sony Network

Hackers used a SQL injection flaw to inject malicious code into the Greek Sony BMG site.

4,000 SEC Workers Affected by Data Breach

The incident happened for two reasons: The contractor forgot to encrypt the email and the software in place to catch such errors did not work properly.

Virus Puts Massachusetts Jobless at Risk

The virus attempted to send personal information like names, addresses and Social Security numbers to criminals, but it is not clear if or how much data was successfully stolen.

Whitehats Subvert Google Chrome Sandbox

The exploit, according to Vupen, "bypasses all security features."

Stealth Attack Targets Apache Web Server

The attack uses Apache's built-in filter capabilities to include links to malicious websites.

Rogue Anti-virus App Targets Mac Users

Although the virus doesn't install anything to run in the background, it does try to trick users into buying the application via credit card.

Sony Takes Another Gaming Network Offline

The banking and credit card information belonging to more than 23,000 customers of the Sony Online Entertainment network may have been compromised.

Mozilla Patches 14 Bugs in Firefox 4

Thirteen of the flaws are tagged as critical and one is labeled as low impact.

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