Articles by Sue Poremba 

State Governments Lack Control over Data Security

Improving security is going to be tough, since most states are in fiscal trouble.

One Size Doesn't Fit All in Social Networking

Last week, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, Penn. tried an experiment.

OpenX Hack Spreads Malware to Websites

Ads are too often the source of malware attacks.

Could a Smartphone Attack Shut Down Wireless Commuications?

As smartphones become the target of Trojans and other attacks, I guess it would go without saying that one of the major concerns is the sensitive personal or enterprise information that can be culled and how it affects individual people and individual companies.

What the Month of Bugs Has Uncovered So Far

As I mentioned before, September is the  

Recession Continues to Affect Security Efforts

Spend the money now or risk paying a lot more later?

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