Articles by Sue Poremba 

Watch Out for Impending Ares Trojan Infections

Security experts are warning of a new Trojan -- Ares -- that could hit computer systems any day now.

Malware's Potential Next Target: Hardware

French researchers have found that it is possible to write code specifically geared for processors.

Smartphone Insecurity Growing

It was really only a matter of time until the news about smartphone security glitches and viruses started hitting the airwaves.

Stuxnet Attacks Should Raise Red Flag Alerts for U.S. Infrastructure

Stuxnet made news a few weeks ago when the malware infiltrated an Iranian nuclear power plant.

Critical Microsoft Zero-Day Attack on IE

One of the upsides of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was how much more secure it was than the older versions of IE, particularly the extremely buggy IE6.

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