Articles by Sue Poremba 

April's Long List of Security Breaches

This month has been a difficult time for IT security. It seems like we've been inundated with security breaches that either happened or were announced this month.

The Need for Employees Who Think Like Hackers – Or Are Hackers

Charlie Sheen references are everywhere. I got an email today with the subject line: Hackers, Duh Winning.

Major Week of Patches and Updates

Microsoft headlined the security news this week with its huge Patch Tuesday update. However, Microsoft's updates weren't the only ones happening this week.

What Happens to Cyber Security in a Government Shutdown?

As we brace for the very real possibility of a government shutdown, we know that government networks are going to be shut down and employees will have no access to email. We also know that only essential personnel will continue to be able to work. But what does it mean for cyber security?

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