Articles by Sue Poremba 

Waiting to Notify Customers of Breach Is to the Company's Advantage

I noticed something that I think is troublesome. The large corporations that had serious and well-publicized breaches recently — Sony, Citi, for example — took weeks before alerting customers.

LulzSec Strikes Again

The hacking group LulzSec has another victim. This time the CIA's public website was the target.

As IT Threats Evolve, Security Costs Rise

Another day, another headline about a major company being hacked. On the whole, it isn't surprising because I've been told time and again by experts that these breaches happen more often than any of us realize.

Do We Need a New Government Agency for Cyber Security?

Now that President Obama submitted his cyber security plan to Congress, the next question is: Which agency will handle cyber security issues?

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