Articles by Sue Poremba 

Are Apple Batteries a Security Risk?

Have you ever thought of your battery as being a security risk to your computer? I admit, it wouldn't be the first thing I'd think of, but apparently, that will be a discussion at next month's Black Hat Conference.

Security Departments Focus on Network Speed over Network Protection

A survey conducted by Crossbeam Systems, which polled nearly 500 network security, IT and C-level executives at global enterprises and service providers, found that IT security personnel within large corporations are shutting off critical functionality in security applications to meet network performance demands for business applications.

Anonymous Arrests — How Will They Affect Cyber Attacks?

These hackers are like zombies — no matter how much you shoot them down, they keep coming back.

Mobile Banking Malware Expected to Increase in the Coming Year

People who use their phone for financial transactions are in the minority for the moment, but it's not stopping cyber criminals from targeting mobile banking apps.

Apple Is Latest Hacking Target

iPhone users should be on alert: Apparently, hackers have exposed a bug in iOS that can be exploited and allows access to Apple mobile devices.

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