Articles by Michael Hall 

Network News Break: Eager Companies Can Over-Engineer Security Solutions

A new appliance meant to fight phishing scams does so by complexifying your network and bypassing standards bodies already working on the problem. Also: Microsoft's footing a hefty bill for XP SP2, Spamhaus goes to China, Yahoo! battles mystery packets, and Food Lion's building the wireless grocery store of the future.

Network News Break: Mixed News on the Spam Wars Front

New laws and the occasional conviction might make a spam-fighting admin's day, but are they distracting from the technical battle? Also: Wi-Fi you might want to relabel Hi-Fi, an anti-virus product that helps Linux protect Windows on your net, and an anti-spam giveaway from Microsoft.

Network News Break: Memo to Microsoft: XP SP2 Wants to Be Free

As Microsoft mulls its bottom line, the rest of the world deals with the widespread Windows vulnerabilities SP2 was built to fix. Our suggestion: Be a good citizen of the 'net and let even the freeloaders get at SP2. Also: EMC and Dell push out a sub-$10k SAN, Broadcom's new 4-Gig switch might be overkill, and get ready for a few new Palm clients on your WLAN.

Network News Break: Microsoft Backs a New Way to Slam Spam

With a new day comes a new, Microsoft-backed standard for spamfighting. With the merger of Caller ID for E-Mail and the popular but flawed SPF, there's no reason to sit out the spam wars. Also: Cisco's monstrous new switch, Comcast's startling admission, and Microsoft's new security software.

Network News Break: Time to Talk Network Storage

If your CIO hasn't come to chat about archiving and storage, brace yourself: the message storage outlook for many companies is a little rocky. Also: battling message authentication standards, and a boost in NAS capabilities from Microsoft provokes some products from Iomega.

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