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Patented Spam Fighting? Hands Off the Infrastructure, Please

Network News Break: We love SPF and believe it will do a lot to push back the spam tide, but we don't love Microsoft's patent-encumbered contributions to it. Also: Checkpoint patches a critical VPN bug, DES is on the way out, Microsoft fixes some bugs in IE ahead of schedule, and now might be the time to push for security upgrades with the boss.

Microsoft Moves Ahead with Anti-Spam Tool. You Should, Too.

Network News Break: Microsoft's putting its anti-spam money where its mouth is and putting SPF to work. You should, too. Also: IPv6 is here! Awful neologisms for domain names are staying! ICANN settles on a budget to some dismay, Samba patches a security hole, and Apple has new toys to try out over the weekend.

Minding Standards Isn't Harmful

Network News Break: Breaking the DNS system, even just a little, considered harmful. Also: WiMax generates heat at the IEEE conference, Cisco picks up a new CTO, and Microsoft pockets $4 million from a spammer, but loses some browser share. This week's tip: Depriving your users of bandwidth may be your best QoS enforcement tool.

Software in the Walls: What Are Your Users Telling You?

Network News Break: Technology like zeroconf breaks down barriers between users and thwarts your attempts to keep things neat and orderly. What's that telling you? Also: Australia, the US, and the UK form an Axis of E-Mail, Cisco snaps up another company, WiMax may take a while, and your humble editor eats a moderate amount of crow.

Has IE Outlived Its Welcome? It's Time for a New Browser

Network News Break: Last week's combination server/browser exploit was a troubling wakeup call. If your users aren't migrating to Firefox out of self defense, it's time to push them. Also: Check out our new Tech Tips section. Up this week: How to stop a rogue DHCP server.

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