Articles by Michael Hall 

A Tale of Two Spam Solutions

Network News Break: News of spammers headed for the pokey is seldom bad, and neither is solid information on how to stop the spam itself. Also: Mixed reports on the growth of the Internet's mixed blessing, the Feds step in to tell your users what you've probably been saying for years, and VoIP leaves the security industry behind.

Competing Standards (and Platforms): More Than One Way to Skin a Spammer

Network News Break: It's always tempting to fall into a horserace mentality when it comes to competing standards and platforms. Sometimes, though, not having a clear winner ensures a lot more winners. Also: Battle-hardened wireless mesh, the XP SP2 breakage list, SCO running out of steam, and the common blindspot of WLAN admins.

Microsoft's SP2: Not Everyone's Cheering, But That's Not Bad

Network News Break: Windows XP SP2 is here, and at least one segment of the Windows aftermarket is having a hard time working up much enthusiasm for it. Also: Exchange hole plugged, Cisco says sales are on the rebound, homegrown spam, and a good reason to look twice at your keyboard.

Jumping the Standards Gun Isn't Good for Anybody

Network News Break: When over-aggressive vendors start pushing too much too fast, it's time for networkers to push back. Also: XP SP2 is gold, AOL buys into anti-spam's most annoying tool, Novell's in for a penny/in for a penguin, and our tip of the week gives you some notions for how to handle that sick router from the comfort of your bunny slippers.

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