Articles by Michael Hall 

Linux Users Rendezvous with a GNOME

Network News Break: Whether your net's ready or not, DNS-Based Service Discovery has made its way to the Linux desktop. Also: Liberated WAPs in Texas, SSL VPNs on the rise, and Cisco looks to move its Linksys customers up the product line.

Disruptive Users: Whose Net Is It Anyway?

Network News Break: When a Texas university shut down wireless access points in one of its residence buildings, users cried foul. But should they be allowed to disrupt services for everyone else? Also: The FCC reports on broadband adoption, and there may be a break in the Sender ID IP battle, by booting Microsoft's IP from a spec.

IP Battle Lines Drawn in Spam Wars

Network News Break: The Apache Software Foundation has strongly-worded condemnation for Microsoft's patent maneuvers. Also: Internet2 sets a new land speed record, Kerberos receives a needed patch, you're probably going to be needing more storage soon, and WPA2 begins to make its presence felt.

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