Articles by Michael Hall 

Trend Micro Patches Critical, Widespread Flaw

Trend Micro has issued an update that addresses a critical security flaw in 29 of its products, including its network gateway offerings.

Skype Adds SMS Service, Cleans Up Payment Process

VoIP company Skype has introduced an SMS gateway for its users and addressed buggy payment processing by allowing customers to use PayPal to cover their SkypeOut charges.

Wi-Fi Revenues Grow, Prices Drop

According to a new report, Wi-Fi revenues grew by 15 percent last year. Findings show that Cisco and Linksys dominate a market that's evenly split among enterprises and consumers.

Enteprise Router Revenue Down, Switches Boomed in '04

Infonetics Research reports that Cisco managed to thrive while the rest of the enterprise router market sagged in a dip that will take another year to correct.

PGP and Sendmail Team for Policy-Based E-Mail Crypto

With a new partnership, PGP and Sendmail can add hard encryption to your network message flows.

Who Goes There? An End to the Spam War?

A Florida company says widespread adoption of challenge-response software would empower e-mail users of the world to eliminate spam in less than a minute per month. An anti-spam researcher isn't so sure.

Popular Security Algorithm Compromised

SHA-1, the cryptographic algorithm that underlies several popular network security tools, has been compromised. It's not a catastrophe for network managers, but the search for a viable replacement is now underway.

RSA: Microsoft's Free Anti-Spyware Challenges New Market

With Bill Gates' announcement that Microsoft's anti-spyware offering will be free to consumers and competing in the burgeoning enterprise market with established security companies, Redmond continues to shake up the security industry.

RSA: Cisco Revs Its Security Offerings

With one of its largest product releases in years, Cisco takes its Self-Defending Network initiative to the next level, and amps up the competition with security software companies.

RSA: New Network Aims to Reel in the Phishes

At the RSA conference this week, several companies with customers on the fraudster short-list signed on to an anti-phishing initiative. Will the $15,000 per year service put a dent in a rapidly growing scam?

IMlogic Focuses on IM Security and Compliance

Malware and regulatory issues have limited instant messaging's ease to its users. IMlogic's latest offering tries to help network managers both facilitate IM and secure their networks.

Microsoft Dominates Security Headlines

From patches to acquisitions, Microsoft's security headline blitz left admins reeling and managers wondering about their next security software purchase.

IM News: Sprint Takes Its Users to OZ

OZ has announced that Sprint will be using the OZ Mobile IM Gateway and Client to bring access to the 'big three' public IM networks to its mobile users. Also: Akonix and FrontBridge team on a message storage offering; MSN Messenger receives a critical fix in the midst of a bad week; and a controversial adware vendor rolls out its own IM offering.

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