Articles by Michael Hall 

AT&T Preps for Disaster Recovery Drill

Using a team designed to restore network services in disaster areas, AT&T plans to conduct drills in New Jersey next week to evaluate its emergency response capabilities.

Cisco Patches VPN Vulnerability

A bug in Cisco's VPN Concentrator 3000 Series could leave the devices vulnerable to a DoS attack.

Major Carriers Ally to Share Attack Fingerprints

A new alliance will allow major carriers to share DoS attack information in real-time, helping ISPs nip disruptions close to the bud.

Study: Win2k3 More Secure than Red Hat's Enterprise Server

A new study says Windows 2003 Server is more secure than Red Hat's Enterprise Server, and it has published both its numbers and methodology. The head of Red Hat's security response team isn't buying it.

Report Says Private Data Is Under Increased Attack

Symantec's latest Internet Security Threat Report says end-user-oriented attacks on confidential information like spyware and phishing are up dramatically, but also notes network-based attacks aren't slackening.

Study: End Users Need More Anti-Spam Education

A study due to be released next week says end users are engaging in behavior that undermines efforts to quell the flow of spam, and they're lining spammers' pockets while they do it.

New VoIP Site Covers Enterprise Telephony

A new site devoted to VoIP in the enterprise promises to deliver news, background, and implementation information.

CA Vulnerability Affects More than Current Users

Well after CA published information about a widespread vulnerability in its license manager software, a security firm has reported that even companies that have done nothing more than evaluate then uninstall CA software maybe vulnerable.

With ZENworks 7, Novell Continues Linux March

Novell continues to redefine itself with the announcement of a popular tool rebuilt to manage Linux servers and desktops.

F-Secure Shines Black Light on Root Kits

F-Secure says its new software will help eliminate a breed of malware long familiar to Unix admins that's growing increasingly common on Windows systems.

Net Security/Appliance Market Grew by 33% in 2004

The network security appliance and software market grew by a third in 2004, and a research firm says the trend is likely to continue through 2008.

CA Plugs Widespread Remote Hole

CA has patched a series of remotely exploitable bugs that leave users on most of its supported platforms vulnerable.

Directory Harvesters Pounded Enterprises in February

Two companies say February saw a small dip in the total amount of virus-infected e-mail traversing networks, but one notes that spammers using directory harvesting attacks blitzed its customers with 4.2 billion invalid delivery attempts.

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