Articles by Michael Hall 

Cisco Announces Out-of-Band NAC Appliance

Cisco has rolled out a security appliance designed to isolate and clean infected devices before they connect to a network.

Report: Viruses in Decline as Exploits Prosper

A new report from McAfee says mass-mailing viruses are in decline as malicious crackers target unpatched vulnerabilities.

Panda Releases VPN-Tightening Beta

VPNSecure gives VPN clients the once-over before allowing them to connect with protected networks.

Cisco Gives 12000 Series Routers a Boost

With the addition of IOS XR, the new 12000 XR Series routers are aimed at ISPs and phone companies.

CERT Warns of Widespread ICMP Vulnerability

A note from CERT warns that network admins concerned about preventing a TCP-based DoS attack should tend their patches and consider tighter filters on ICMP packets.

Cisco Plugs ICMP Error Message Hole

Cisco has patched an IOS vulnerability that could leave its routers open to DoS attacks.

Crackers In the Midst of Windows Updates

With both a mandatory Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 'Patch Tuesday' set to land tomorrow, crackers are seeking to mislead users into downloading malware with bogus update notifications.

Updated: ISC and Microsoft Help Fend Off Pharming

The SANS Internet Storm Center and Microsoft have published updated information on a recent spate of pharming attacks.

Cisco Fixes a Pair of IOS Vulnerabilities

Cisco has released patches that address denial of service and authentication vulnerabilities in IOS.

Severe Microsoft Vulnerability Awaits Patch

A security firm has notified Microsoft of severe, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in its software.

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