Articles by Michael Hall 

Cisco Patches VoIP Phone Vulnerability

A bug in some implementations of the DNS protocol has left parts of Cisco's IP phone line vulnerable to DoS attacks. Cisco has a patch.

Report: Wireless LANs Growing, Cisco Slips

A new report shows that revenues from wireless LAN hardware continues to grow even as vendor competition drives prices down. It also shows that Cisco's lock on the top two slots in the market has been broken by D-Link.

Another Sober Variant Gears Up for Monday Blitz

A report out of the German government indicates that Sober-P is prepared to launch a spam blitz similar to the hate mail sent out by Sober-N-infected machines earlier this week.

GFI Offers Freeware Network Monitor Tool

GFI is giving away a three-server version of its Network Server Monitor 6 software, a tool that notifies admins of downed services and performs corrective action.

Sober Becomes Hate Mail Conduit

Sober-N, a Windows worm believed to account for almost 12 percent of all e-mail traffic over the past few weeks, has become a conduit for a nationalist party's political propaganda. Experts say Sober-N may be a remote control infection for worse to come.

Microsoft Announces Protection & Maintenance Service

On the heels of its recent acquisitions in the security and anti-spyware markets, Microsoft has announced a planned all-in-one service that will automate security and system maintenance tasks for a yearly fee.

IPSec Vulnerability Puts VPNs at Risk

A UK security group says the IPSec protocol suffers from a severe vulnerability that would allow attackers within a network to render encrypted traffic as plain text with only moderate effort.

Worm Accounts for 5 Percent of E-Mail Traffic

A security vendor reports that Sober-N, a Windows virus, is responsible for over 5 percent of all e-mail traffic passing over the Internet.

Updated Anti-Phishing Toolbar Assesses Risk

Netcraft has released a new version of its anti-phishing toolbar that assesses the risk of unknown sites and allows its user community to turn in previously undiscovered scam hosts.

Aventail Targets IPSEC VPN Market

Aventail says its newest Smart SSL VPN product will help transition customers clinging to IPSEC or hybrid VPN solutions.

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