Articles by Michael Hall 

Report: WiMAX Off to Strong Sales Start

A research firm says WiMAX and wireless mesh sales could increase by eight to ten times in 2005 as both technologies await standards ratifaction.

Linksys Rolls Out Pushbutton WiFi Security

Linksys has rolled out support for "Secure Easy Setup," a technology for WLAN configuration it says makes Wi-Fi security pushbutton simple.

SonicWall Announces 'Net Content Filter

SonicWall has announced a new content-filtering appliance that addresses virus and spyware concerns while offering a dynamic threat assessment of unknown Web sites.

Acunetix Releases Web Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner crawls Web sites, checking for vulnerabilities to common attacks.

Mesh WLAN Groups Present to IEEE

The IEEE's 802.11s Task Group is meeting in San Francisco this week to consider several proposals on wireless mesh networks.

Anti-Spyware Coalition Requests Comments

The Anti-Spyware Coalition has asked for public comment on its definitions document.

Trend Micro Releases Reputation-Based Services

Trend Micro has announced a reputation-based anti-spam offering that monitors a database of spam hosts as well as real-time blacklists and dial-up user lists to help stop spam from suspect systems.

Comodo Releases Free Portscan Service

Comodo has released HackerGuardian, a free portscan service.

Cisco Patches Call Manager

Cisco's Call Manager software, the heart of its VoIP infrastructure, has been found vulnerable to a DoS attack, or a complete compromise that could allow malicious users to listen in on or reroute calls.

Sophos Rolls Out Zombie Notification Service

A new service by Sophos will warn network admins when systems on their networks have been found to send spam, or wind up on a spam blacklist.

Report: Bots and Money Drive Malware Threats

A new report from McAfee says bots and money-making schemes are driving malware expansion as "cybergangs" cooperate on long-term criminal strategies.

Report: New Viruses Up 59 Percent This Year

A security firm report says the number of new viruses is up 59 percent in the first half of 2005, and that an unpatched Windows system on the Internet can expect to survive for about 12 minutes before being infected.

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