Articles by Michael Hall 

HP Beefs Up Enterprise Networking Offerings

New switches and upgraded management software mark an HP rollout aimed at regaining some enterprise networking turf.

Less Spam Being Read, More Being Sent

The latest figures from a mail-filtering firm say less spam is making it to our inboxes, but more is being sent.

Security Threats Bypassing the Perimeter

Symantec's latest Internet security report says attackers are increasingly ignoring the network perimeter and heading straight for vulnerable desktops.

Microsoft Updates Win 2000 Rollup

Microsoft says a new version of its June Update Rollup for Windows 2000 fixes several bugs and leaves a few for eventual hotfixes.

Study: Spyware Gathering Critical Information

A study maintains that a growing proportion of spyware apps are gathering critically sensitive information to assist in compromising systems and stealing identities.

Study: Workers Risk More on the Job

A study indicates enterprise users are a lot more likely to follow suspicious links and open strange e-mail on their work computers.

Updated: Microsoft Pulls 'Critical' Patch

Microsoft has pulled a patch to a "critical" but unspecified hole after citing quality concerns.

Cisco Warns of IOS Firewall Vulnerability

Cisco has warned users of a vulnerability in IOS that could lead to DoS attacks or execution of arbitrary code.

Security Sales Climb, Cisco Dominates

A new report indicates Cisco topped security sales in a market that continued to grow last quarter.

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