Articles by Michael Hall 

'Spear Phishing' Pokes at Enterprise Users

An email security firm says phishing attacks are gaining in specificity as crackers look for sensitive information to market or exploit.

Juniper Buttons Down VoIP Security

Juniper's Dynamic Threat Mitigation addresses potential vulnerabilities in SIP.

Snort Suffers from 'Trivially Exploitable' Hole

The popular Snort intrusion detection system has a vulnerability that opens systems to potential root exploits.

Aventail Stresses Mobility in Newest VPN

The latest iteration of Aventail's SSL VPN stresses flexible support for a number of mobile devices and enhanced endpoint screening.

Cisco Revs the WAN

Cisco says its new Web and application accelerators will bring the WAN up to LAN speeds.

Websense Boosts Remote Management Tools

Updates to Websense's Web filtering software address remote workers and compliance issues.

Nine Up for Tomorrow's Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's back with nine updates after a month off from its regular patch schedule.

Malware ID System Enjoys Broad Support

A new system for labeling malware will make it easier to make sure vendors and customers are on the same sheet of music when discussing threats.

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