Articles by Michael Hall 

SANS Takes Security Pros to School

SANS has announced a pair of graduate degrees in security for aspiring CIOs and other IT professionals.

IronPort Rolls Mail Appliance for SMEs

New mail appliance targets SMEs with spam- and virus-fighting at the edge.

NetScout to Announce Performance Management Standby Server

New server aimed at enterprises in need of a backup performance management server in emergency scenarios.

Security Researcher: Rootkits Common for Spyware

A security researcher says rootkits are finding the most use among spyware authors out to hide their programs from wary users.

Sophos: Internet Red in Tooth and Claw in 2005

Security company Sophos says 2005 was a bad year for malware, and that 2006 will prove Bill Gates wrong about spam's fate.

Chatty Worm-Bot Coaxes Malware Download

A new worm making the rounds on AIM simulates a real person to coax users into accepting its payload.

November Tops for Spam, Zombies on the Rise

According to a report, 170,000 new machines are added to the ranks of zombie spammers each day.

Cisco Announces IOS Exploit Workarounds

Cisco has announced workarounds to protect users from a potential exploit in the HTTP server found in IOS.

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