Paul Rubens

Contributing Writer, Enterprise Networking Planet

Paul Rubens started out as an investment banker in the 1980s, before moving in to journalism in 1991. Since going freelance in 1998, he has contributed to the technology sections of many leading international publications including The Economist and The Financial Times, as well as writing for specialist business technology publications including EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet, eSecurityPlanet, Computing and TechRadar. He is also sub-editor of Pinball Magazine, the world's leading publication devoted to the silver ball.


Articles by Paul Rubens 

Security On the Go With Yoggie's Gatekeeper

The Yoggie Gatekeeper looks like a USB memory stick but packs an ARM-based CPU, Linux-based OS and an arsenal of security software. Is it the answer to resource-hungry security software for your mobile fleet?

Secunia Helps You Keep Up With Your Patches

By scanning the applications found on your network's Windows systems for known vulnerabilities, Secunia's Network Software Inspector gives you one less thing to keep up with.

Use Ophcrack to Defuse Windows' Security Timebomb

Windows harbors a hashing algorithm that was great for its time. Unfortunately, its time is past and you need to learn how to remedy the vulnerabilities it creates.

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