Paul Rubens

Contributing Writer, Enterprise Networking Planet

Paul Rubens started out as an investment banker in the 1980s, before moving in to journalism in 1991. Since going freelance in 1998, he has contributed to the technology sections of many leading international publications including The Economist and The Financial Times, as well as writing for specialist business technology publications including EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet, eSecurityPlanet, Computing and TechRadar. He is also sub-editor of Pinball Magazine, the world's leading publication devoted to the silver ball.


Articles by Paul Rubens 

L0phtcrack Provides Industrial Strength Password Auditing

Bought by Symantec, buried and now back in the hands of its creators, L0phtcrack provides network administrators with a way to mass-audit passwords on their networks, then remediate problem accounts.

Learn Asterisk with a Fast Start Course

While it can't make you an instant Asterisk expert, Digium's Asterisk Fast Start training course will give you a grounding in this popular open source PBX running on Linux.

Does Size Matter? Picking a Sane Password Policy

The problem with user-hostile password policies and the associated feats of memorization involved is how poorly they address every other threat to your network besides dictionary attacks.

Strike the Right Balance with Your Password Policy

Formulating password policy is a balancing act - a trade-off between usability and security

Build Your Own PBX With Asterisk and Linux

Setting up your own Asterisk installation isn't for the faint of heart, but the savings you can reap from combining the powerful, open source PBX with Linux are worth the effort. Here's a quick guide to getting your own Asterisk install up and running.

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