Articles by Arthur Cole 

Solid-State Drives Settling in as Caching Solution

The more experience IT professionals gain with SSDs, the more obvious it becomes that SSDs will primarily serve as easily scalable cache for high-transaction servers and networking devices.

Big Networking Vendors Push Application Awareness

Virtualization and the cloud are turning established enterprise relationships on their heads, causing more than a little concern among enterprise architects and managers.

Doubts Cast on the Converged Network

Is the converged network really the path to lower costs and more efficient data center operations?

Is DC Power Right for the Enterprise?

Switching from AC to DC power has taken on new life recently considering the not insignificant efficiency gains that DC power could produce, theoretically at least.

Re-Thinking VDI with Lower-Cost Alternatives

The buzz surrounding desktop virtualization is still high, and in fact a growing number of enterprises have taken the plunge. But is the technology really poised for a breakthrough in 2010?

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