Articles by Arthur Cole 

Improving PC Power: It's Not All About Silicon Anymore

Now that improvements to actual silicon have hit the brick wall save for the ability to pack more cores onto a single die, it's no wonder that the industry is looking to other means to ramp up system capabilities.

Is Liquid Cooling on the Data Center Horizon?

Since desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems that water cooling is getting a second look.

The Data Center as an Appliance

Microsoft generated a lot of headlines this week with its new Azure appliance, and rightfully so. The focus has largely been on how the device allows enterprises to tap into instant hybrid clouds by automatically transferring data loads to and from internal and external Azure-based infrastructure.

Warehousing: Where Do We Go from Here?

Data warehousing, as we recognize it today, may have a limited lifespan as information systems stretch beyond the data center.

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