Articles by Arthur Cole 

The Real Value in Virtualization

Aside from consolidation and overall reduction in hardware costs, can anyone definitively say exactly how virtualization has improved things from purely a data performance perspective?

The Hunt for a More Optimal Cloud Experience

At the moment, getting onto the cloud is relatively easy. Making it sing will take a little more work.

Short Hops on the Road to Unified Networking

The race to the unified data center architecture is devolving into a tit-for-tat competition among the top networking providers, leaving many enterprises to wonder if developments are geared toward improving data environments or capturing market share.

Rise of the Micro Architecture

Amid the trend toward virtualization and consolidation, it's hard to explain the rise of micro-archiecture.

VMware and the Hybrid Cloud

Ever since it became clear that virtualization was leading directly to the cloud, VMware has been in a bit of a pickle. How, exactly, will it leverage its dominance in virtual infrastructure into the wider and even more chaotic environment outside the data center walls?

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