Articles by Arthur Cole 

Mainframes Back in a Big Way

What's old is new again in server architectures. But that doesn't necessarily mean what was new will suddenly become old.

Enhancing the Open Virtual Switch

Virtualization is placing a great amount of stress on traditional networking infrastructure, so it's no wonder enterprises are looking to add virtual switching as well.

Networking Can Help Drive Energy Efficiency Too

Green technology is starting to drill down into the bowels of the data center, the networking infrastructure, a sign that efforts to cut greenhouse emissions and lower energy bills are still going strong.

Dedupe, Yes. But Where? And How?

Most executives can see the dramatic advancements in data center capabilities that are within reach, but they nonetheless must tread carefully, delicately, through a host of options, lest they end up damaging that which they hope to improve.

Prepping Storage for the Private Cloud

Many thoughts are turning toward the more practical aspects of private cloud computing; namely, how exactly to retool existing systems and infrastructures to prepare for the cloudy future?

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