Articles by Arthur Cole 

Don’t Discount the Network in the Push for Energy Efficiency

New networking solutions promise to curb energy consumption in the data center, a vital concern given the current upward trend of IT energy use.

SDN and the Network Visibility Challenge

Software defined networks demand a high level of visibility. What are vendors doing to address that need?

Open Networking in a Software Defined Universe

Proprietary or open source? Software defined networking puts the debate front and center. Arthur Cole weighs the options.

The Next Step Forward for Enterprise User Experience

New and next-gen technologies set to improve enterprise network user experience.

10 Networking Items to Include in Your Next SLA

Contemplating cloud-based services? Art Cole recommends making sure that your SLA covers these critical networking issues.

You've Got the Bandwidth, but How About Availability?

All the bandwidth in the world won't mean a thing if you lose availability. Invest in measures to prevent costly network downtime—it's worth it.

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