Articles by Arthur Cole 

Orchestration: The Tie that Binds SDN

Before software defined networking can achieve its lofty goals, the orchestration pieces need to fall into place.

Abstract Networking: What Can SDN Do for You?

Now that the enterprise has entered the SDN deployment phase, its time to start thinking about what you'll actually do with it.

Five Ways the Enterprise Network Will Change in 2014 and Beyond

Old network architectures are fading away. Thanks to SDN, NSX, fabrics and the like, the new network will be an entirely different animal.

Flexibility Rules, But Don't Neglect Network Capacity

SDN, network fabrics and increased intelligence will help with crushing data loads, but so will plain, old raw bandwidth.

Networking Challenges to the Distributed Enterprise

Even SDN won't provide everything that wide area data environments require. How can enterprises optimize their distributed infrastructures?

Open SDN is Not Worry-Free SDN

Truly open networking is a nice dream, but is it really what the enterprise needs? Open source and open standards create challenges of their own.

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