Articles by Arthur Cole 

PCIe 4.0 and the Data Center

PCIe 4.0—or perhaps Nvidia's PCIe alternative—holds the potential to transform data infrastructure on a micro level.

Cisco, ACI, SDN, and the Commodity Networking Challenge

Enterprise interest in commodity hardware for SDN threatens the dominance of proprietary hardware vendors like Cisco. How does ACI address the problem?

Network Infrastructure Concerns for Big Data

Big Data initiatives require a rethinking of current data center network infrastructure. Is your network ready to enable business analytics on a large scale?

Networking for Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is great for plug-and-play provisioning, but first you have to decide what kind of network you want.

The Dynamic Cloud Needs the Software Defined WAN

To build a multi-site data ecosystem, the enterprise needs to push SDN past the edge. The software defined WAN is coming.

The Big Picture: SDN and the Dynamic Data Environment

Far from a simple networking play, SDN is poised to rewrite the entire data infrastructure paradigm.

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