Articles by Robert McGarvey 

Top 10 Networking Newcomers to Watch

Software defined networking, virtual networking, virtual desktops, cloud ... all these areas are spawning a whole new group of networking companies -- some of whom may, at some point, become the next household name.

Bargain Videoconferencing Is Here

Cisco's telepresence is a great idea but it will cost you. But video conferencing, may be just the ticket this year.

BYOD: Barbarians at the Gate?

Yep. BYOD is quite the headache an it's only getting worse. Like all things running on cyber-time this trend is way out in front of IT's ability to deal ... at least for now.

The Cloud in 2012: Better, Faster but Not Cheaper

Having failed to deliver on its early hype, cloud computing and its customers are maturing -- demanding answers and visibility into everything from SLAs to who's behind the curtain.

Unified Communications: Lost in a BYOD World?

Smartphones, Skype, and mobility have conspired to reinvent what UC means and, just maybe, reinvigorate the market.

Is China Putting Backdoors into Networking Gear?

China makes a lot of the networking gear companies rely on so it probably comes as no surprise that some of that gear might be optimized for more than just throughput.

iPad's Dirty Little Secret

Call this 'Round 2' in the battle of iPad vs. the enterprise. This time, what is at stake is the network's lifeblood: bandwidth.

Is Mobile Really a Network Threat?

Not yet but this will undoubtedly change given what usually happens with malware, the proliferation of Android and iOS devices in the enterprise, and the organized crime syndicates behind many of today's threats.

UC Security Essentials Already in Place

Securing unified communication systems just comes down to doing what you already know how to do.

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