Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Global Crossing Expands VoIP Offering to Europe

New Carrier Inbound and Outbound Services give European carriers new VoIP options.

SIPfoundry, Pingtel Up the Stakes for IP-PBX

Pingtel ramps up channel partnerships for European launch, as its open-source underpinning, SIPfoundry, launches a pair of new apps.

Microsoft's Secret VoIP Strategy

IDC report indicates that recent moves from Redmond indicate a new push into VoIP.

Voip Carriers Gearing Up for Expected FCC E911 Ruling

TimeWarner and Covad say they're ready; AT&T says there is a lot left to do; Skype puts in its two cents, too.

911 in 90 days: How Vonage Is Meeting the Challenge in Canada

The popular VoIP provider says it will meet the interim regulatory mandate, but it's looking ahead to achieve a superior solution for the long term.

British Airways in Major VoIP Deployment

Cisco gets the contract that pushes IP telephony across airline giant's employee base.

VoIP Service Revenues and Enterprise Adoption on the Rise

Enterprise IP voice adoption is up by 46 percent. Services revenues are projected to hit $20 Billion by 2009—though small businesses are lagging behind.

Pronexus Brings New Voice to Asterisk

Rapid application development interface lets designers build complex call flows for speech applications for the open-source IP PBX.

Betting on VoIP in Vegas

Announcements from 3Com, Broadcom, Internap, and Aruba Networks all herald new VoIP initiatives unveiled at Networld+Interop 2005 in Las Vegas.

JEDI Finds The Force With 'Infranet'

Juniper Networks' latest approach to public network infrastructure is dubbed a force to be reckoned with.

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