Articles by Sean Michael Kerner 

Red Hat Says That's Not Bloat, It's "Modular Growth"

The Linux vendor is doing well in hard times, cautioning observers to remember the difference between useless add-ons and useful features.

Open Source Uptake Driven by Bottom Line

A panel at LinuxCon says interest in open source software at large enterprises is at an all-time high, with cost driving a lot of the uptake.

Nortel Deflects Verizon, Avaya Deal Moves Ahead

Avaya sale clears a pair of legal hurdles as $900 million sale nears close.

Cisco Says IPv6 Could Thrive in Smart Grid

Upgrading US electrical networks could provide the impetus for greater IPv6 adoption.

Likewise Bridges the Gap Between Windows, Mac and Linux

Likewise says its Samba competitor allows Linux and Mac clients to participate as full citizens in Active Directory environments.

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